The perfect storm of opportunity.
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

  • Packaging
  • Publication Design
  • Photographic Direction

Senior Climate Change Lecturer Dr Ben McNeil was commissioned by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) to look for natural energy opportunities in New Zealand and he identified Kawerau, a rural Bay of Plenty town with an industrial centre and a growing geothermal hub.

NZTE wanted to communicate the story of Kawerau’s opportunities to the world, and more specifically, to global CEO’s who would be encouraged to set up business in Kawerau and contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth. We were briefed to produce a document that would show off Kawerau’s advantages and convince businesses to locate production there.

We worked with NZTE to clearly define the advantages of investing in Kawerau and it was found that its strengths were in clean energy production, industrial engineering and effective infrastructure. These strengths were summed up by the words “Environment, Economics, Experience” and explored in a visually succinct document, rich with images, information and stories of local successes. The final, bound document was presented in a laminated timber box to industry leaders including the CEO of a Global multinational company.