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iceberg has been working with some of the world’s most respected healthcare businesses for over ten years. But that doesn’t mean we’re content with what we know. The consumer landscape is changing fast and our user-centred approach means that we use research, collaboration and iterative design to solve your challenges.

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Market to your audience more effectively

We worked with Bayer on a campaign for flagship product Elevit. Instead of making a traditional advertising campaign, we created a digital-first creative strategy that reaches customers in a new way for the brand; a entertaining podcast series. True to our user-centred approach, our engagement has included customer research and insights validation.

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mikey havoc being interviewed by Anika Moa
How we help

Launch your new product

My Food Bag was once just an idea scribbled on a piece of paper. We helped turn that scribble into a $130m business in under three years. We collaborated with the founders to form the strategy for the business, designed everything a customer sees and built the first iteration of the website that powered thousands of dollars in transactions every week.

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My Food Bag on the front porch
How we help

Attract a new audience

When the Neurological Foundation needed to reach a younger, more connected audience, we created a campaign that broke the norms of charity advertising.

Building a campaign around a quirky piece of science (the Supramarginal Gyrus), and using partnerships with big brands to extend our reach, and TV to support it, the digital-first campaign attracted a much younger donor audience than before and delivered beyond expectations.

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a hand holding a model of a humain brain - Use your supramarginal gyrus

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