Floor to ceiling photos of New Zealand scenery as your arrive at Auckland international airport

Welcome to Aotearoa.
Auckland Airport Arrivals

  • Environmental Design
  • Photographic Direction

First impressions count, so to welcome the roughly ten million passengers that arrive every year, Auckland Airport decided to enhance their international arrivals area with an immersive experience.

In the arrivals pier, floor to ceiling images take visitors on a journey through New Zealand from mountains to lush bush and pristine beaches. LED light ‘journey lines’ on the walls act as sensory way-finding devices and warmly lead passengers through the terminal. Infrared triggering activates sounds corresponding to the imagery—tui calls, waves, cicadas, karanga, children playing.

In the public arrivals hall we depicted New Zealand’s unique volcanic bedrock, with a simple yet dramatic undulating textured wall and timber clad columns, adding natural warmth and contemporary style.

Textured wall mural depicitng New Zealand’s volcanic bedrock
Timber clad columns seen throughout the public arrivals hall
Passengers walking along the arrivals pier
Over a period of 7 months we worked closely to deliver an exceptional creative and practical solution for our space. Iceberg filled us with great confidence through their dedicated approach to service and quality, their insistence on delivering the best possible outcome within agreed timeframes, constraints and budget limitations.

Marijke Zwaagman
Manager of Marketing & Brand, AIA
Close up of the photography seen on the walls of the arrivals pier
Close up showing the texures of the bedrock wall and wood cladden columns
Two large wood clad columns
Close up of one of the photos on the arrival pier walls
international arrivals gate