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Building our future
Auckland Light Rail

Before being cancelled after the 2023 change in Government, the Auckland Light Rail project was the biggest infrastructure project ever planned in New Zealand.

Part of any large project like this is extensive consultation and engagement with the public to educate and ask for input. Iceberg was Auckland Light Rail's creative partner on this mammoth task. Along with the website and digital advertising, we designed an interactive kiosk and mobile app that collects data about travel behaviour and provides localised information about the benefits of Light Rail.

Website design and development

We conducted a workshop with stakeholders where we interrogated the analytics on the previous website, conducted persona exercises to help understand our users and sketched potential user-journeys. Collectively, the workshop group was able to set the direction of the website project and identity key priorities.

At design stage, we built a clickable prototype for users to test before building the full site in Umbraco.

Visit Auckland Light Rail

screenshot of website page on mobile phone
screenshot of website page on mobile phone
screenshot of website page on mobile phone

Interactive kiosk

The eye-catching kiosk is situated in Māngere town centre. Designed to look like a train, it encourages users to interact with the information and introduces them to the web app to answer questions about their travel habits. Aggregated data related the local area is displayed on screen.

picture of freestanding kiosk
screenshot of kiosk screen

Web app

Users are guided through a questionaire that collects data about local travel habits. Data is then used by the ALR team to generate insights and monitor public sentiment

screenshot of mobile app screen
screenshot of mobile app screen
screenshot of mobile app screen

Airstream caravan

We turned an airstream caravan into a mobile information centre. This included a set of building blocks for people to build their ideal city around a Light Rail Station.

picture of building blocks on a table
photo of posters hanging in the airstream
photo of airstream caravan designed to look like a train carriage
photo of Auckland light rail advertising street posters