Man using packaging machinerery

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Aurora provides industrial process products to clients throughout the world. These include industrial packaging machines and large scale robotic palletisers. The advent of computer controlled robots has transformed the business. Therefore a new identity system was required to capture this change and ensure that the brand would have a distinctive and powerful presence in any channel.

Whether creating a website, video, trade show environments or printed product brochures, the brand has a consistent tone and voice delivered through photography, iconography and the visual language.

Aurora is now equipped with the tools to further grow into the global market.

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Close up of Aurora logo seen on the side of a packaging machine
Aurora logo seen on the side of a packaging machine
gif showing various designed documents including schedules and enquiry forms
Various designed pieces of collateral including publications, business cards and resource documents
Various catalogues and product overview documents
Open pages displaying designed icons in use
Open pages with photo of machinerery alongside icons and text
Open pages with photo of packaging machine
Open pages outlining the features and purposes of various packaging machinerery
Employees working with machinerery within a factory