A balloon covered in red paint

A new way to
fund the arts.

The Arts Foundation, New Zealand's leadership organisation in arts philanthropy, established Boosted with the aim of building a new generation of donors to the arts through a crowdfunding website. To do this Boosted needed a brand identity for the newly created platform.

A simple identity featuring a bold colour palette and playful balloon was created to reflect the positive and uplifting mission of Boosted. The website, built using the Umbraco CMS enables artists to run fundraising campaigns and communicate with their supporters, as well as process transactions.

Boosted has outperformed expectations and generated over $3,000,000 in donations helping to “make art possible” across New Zealand.

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Boosted posters and business cards
A boosted event at The Cloud
Invitation to a Boosted event
 Main page of the boosted website
Boosted balloon poster
Baloon with the word art on it being inflated
Boosted event invitation
Boosted wordmark with baloon motif