Four bags of Champion Flour sitting atop flour

Professional Performance.
Champion Flour

Champion Flour has been producing flour for both professional and amateur bakers for over 160 years. It's acquisition by a global food company was the impetus to re-invigorate the brand strategy and in-turn, the brand identity.

The strategic process uncovered the need for a new brand architecture and associated product matrix in order to assist in trade selection, shelf navigation and to stand out amongst competitors.

An updated wordmark — a considered evolution rather than a revolution — was paired with a new type and colour system to achieve this. Packaging files were set up and tested, and with the packs now on shelf, the brand is poised to enter a new phase of growth.

Open pages of brand guidelines showing a quality mark
Champion Flour logo
Documents displaying information about the brands and their products
Champion Flour icon set
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Bag of Champion Flour covered in and surrounded by flour