brand pattern for the Investore brand

Big box branding.

Investore was established in 2016 when parent brand Stride Property acquired a portfolio of large-format retail property assets. A separate brand was required for the new entity to reflect the unique outlook – Reliable, consistent returns.

With large-format retail sites like Mitre 10, Countdown, Bunnings and Animates being Investore’s primary asset type, we used these box-like shaped buildings as inspiration for a graphic language and photography style that accentuated the angles, perspectives and scale of “big box” retail.

A range of corporate collateral has been created for the brand including website, annual reports and stationery.

With a recent oversubscribed bond issue and rising share price, the Investore brand is delivering on all the promises made during its inception.

Angular graphic pattern used within the Investore brand identity
Corners of buildings that served as inspiration for the Investore brand identity
Investore logo showing its visual construction
Investore logo
Investore documents, business cards and envelopes
The corner of a building
Chapter heading for Investore publication
Double page spread displaying financial highlights and statistics
Infographics showing where properties are owned and many of them there are
A collection of Investore annual reports
A collection of Investore annual reports