Top down view of Mount Taranaki

Building our future.
New Plymouth District Council

Some of the most well-known landmarks in New Plymouth have been created because of New Plymouth District Council and private enterprise successfully working together. These include the famous Govett Brewster Gallery, the Coastal Walkway and the iconic WOMAD festival.

NP Partners is the evolution of this process, a consortium committed to investing in the growth and development of Ngāmotu, New Plymouth. Future-focused companies and organisations have committed to the NP Partners forum. Each has an agreement with the New Plymouth District Council to invest in and support their community assets.

To encourage pride and provide a platform for the programme, iceberg was tasked with creating a new brand and launch tools for NP Partners.

With so many Taranaki-based organisations using imagery of the Maunga – Mt Taranaki, we decided to take a different approach to represent the area. Abstract 3D shapes based on an aerial view of the Maunga provided a new perspective on an existing idea. A fitting metaphor for NP Partners.

The programme has been an immediate success, with 50% more organisations than predicted, joining as foundation partners.

NP Partners left aligned logo
NP Partners centre aligned logo
Booklet cover featuring the NP Partners logo and Mount Taranaki graphic
Open booklet with photo of Mount Taranaki along side text
Open pages with photo of Mount Tarnaki
Open pages featuring the logos of the foundation partners
Various locations and events found around New Plymouth, the TSB Festival of Lights, Len Lye Centre, Te Rewa Rewa Bridge and Puke Ariki